Welcome to the Edukko University Mentorship Program

Welcome to Edukko’s new University Mentorship program, a new program that provides students the opportunity to be mentored by University students at top schools from around the world!


How it works?

Edukko's university mentorship program provides a step-by-step breakdown of the university application process and mentors students throughout the process

Do a free consult!

You can meet with one of our mentors before committing and learn more! Our mentors can tell you more about the program and guide you better!


Meet your mentor!

You can meet your mentor at your own schedule! Our mentors have flexible hours and they will teach you the skills required to be successful in your application process!

Apply to university!

Using our platform, students will be connected to mentors each step of the way, ensuring that they are sending in their best application to their desired universities!

What will I learn?

The mentorship program teaches high-school students how to apply to university. In doing so, it leaves behind many useful skills, 4 of which are highlighted below
1st reason
How to network

While you are a student with Edukko, you will go through some group events which you can choose to attend. In doing so, you will learn how to network with other students and interviewers

2nd reason
How to manage your time

You will learn to manage your time wisely by adopting a well-organized approach to the university application process. This will help you improve your work efficiency and gain more free time

3rd reason

How to communicate effectively

The mentorship program is focused around the communication between a mentor and their mentee. Over time, students will learn to effectively communicate their ideas into essays and applications

4th reason
How to stay organized

The university application process requires organization from the student's end. Edukko helps students get organized, which is a skill they will gain and appreciate in University

We are now preparing our mobile app - stay tuned.