About Us

About Us

Personalized Learning Solutions

Our Mission

Edukko’s mission, to provide a seamless accessible tech solution for personalized educational support, to connect students, parents and educators.

our mission
our vision
Our Vision

Edukko’s vision, to be the main platform for personalized learning solutions for all student communities around the world.

Built for learning

Easy to utilize

A simple interface intuitive features with a well-documented resource along continuous ease of use enhancements make Edukko an easy to learn and utilize Application.

Always up-to-date

The Edukko open-source approach implies that Edukko is consistently being surveyed and enhanced to suit the current and evolving requirements of its clients.

Edukko in your language

Edukko's multilingual capability guarantee’s there are no phonetic limits to learning on our Application. Edukko is firstly available in Arabic and in English, new languages will be added once we launch in different countries.

Robust, secure and private

Focused on safeguarding information security, privacy security, controls are continually being updated and executed in the Edukko advancement process and programming to ensure against unauthorized access, information loss, and abuse.

Utilize anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device

Edukko is web-based so can be accessed from anywhere in the world. With a default portable viable interface and cross-program compatibility, content on the Edukko framework is easily accessible and reliable across various internet browsers and mobile devices.

Designed to help both teaching and learning

Edukko conveys an incredible set of learning-centric tools, shared learning environments that engage both teaching and learning.